Friday, March 2, 2012

Trying to get my way out of a paper bag...for real.

So it looks like the last time I blogged was in December- it is now March and I think I finally have found my way out of my personal paper bag. What the hell- how has so much time passed? I feel like I went into a bit of a tailspin after coming home from Ethiopia (no surprise there). I somehow was able to forget that Thanksgiving was the week after I came home, then came Christmas activities for the girls, Christmas, school vacation, rangling an unwieldy 3 year old and her big sister, sickness, life, and general crap... ah, yes. all good excuses. and now it's march. frick. but somehow, i am finally beginning to feel a bit better- i have a huge laundry list of things that i need to catch up on, but at least i finally wrote them down- that's half the battle...

i received an email from a friend who will be travelling again to ethiopia this year and she asked for my opinions on where to go to see/buy ethiopian art- ignoring all other emails, i responded to hers because it instantly sparked me- of course the email was super long and excited me all over again. i thought that after being home and feeling mired down with motherly responsibilities i would lose track of why i went to ethiopia in the first place- HA! it was there all along, and this email got me excited all over again. thanks Meghan!

so with this, i have promised myself that i will blog once a week, and first start out talking about my experiences in ethiopia. there are so many to talk about so i have a lot to say...

thanks for hearing me out. i feel better already ;)

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