Wednesday, October 27, 2010

will my studio ever feel finished?

the short answer is NO- hell no. i am so thankful to finally have a workspace that i can call my own, but in reality, i want to take over the dining room, close it off and call it my own... but that is just not going to happen... it's the sunniest room in the house and we havent eaten in here for over a year... i've transformed 1/4 of our basement into my studio, complete with seafoam green curtains to create a "room" (got them cheap at the xmas tree shop and hung up with pvc pipe), an old side table that i use to store my ridiculous amount of fabric and have an inspiration table set up, complete with sand from the cape, a buddha head and an old empty can of portuguese olive oil, and about 7 large shelving units that i got from Home Depot to "define" the area. i kind of like it actually, but the lighting absolutely sucks. i bought 5 cheap, industrial sized clip on lamps (again at home depot), but they make me roast- not too smart on that one...hmmmm... having 5 direct lightbulbs directed to the back of my head is just not helpful, and in the end casts even more shadows... so the electrician is coming on saturday to give us an estimate... on a good note, i found a very nice drafting table on craig's list and picked it up today- it's great and i got it for a steal! found a very nice office style chair on wheels that adjusts with the thingy under the seat for free as i was driving to the gym a couple weeks ago. i guess the reason why i am even sharing this is because that as a stay at home mom for almost 8 years (HOLY CRAP!), i need my space big time- a place where i can run away from the screaming, poops, messes and even happiness sometimes. i just need my space damn it. and, the funny thing is, i dont feel guilty about it, not even a bit.

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